Moving Blogging

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Hello, Since last time, I decided to move my blogging direction to some place else. I’ve been working on something since September 2018 and It’s up, functional, at Doxti is basically a UI for , a CMS if you wish. A way to write blog posts and build them using hugo( fast, and with a specific static site builder). The catch is that you have to create them and manage them on, and you are able to publish to one of your repositories on github.

What? And where are you moving?

The domain is right now the blog for that site and have started blogging there with updates. I’m thinking of writing some technical posts when I get the time/bandwith/inspiration. But they are mostly going to be about updates, maybe tutorials about doxti and some, gradually , technical, about how certain approaches to building, certain problems I came across and all the sweet secrets I find out, I will be blogging about them, ond

The site is still going to be up and maybe, from time to time I will still post something here. But all the technical blog posts and attention are moving to