Installing and using s3cmd

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Go to , select the latest version folder and download the tar.gz file. Unzip it with

tar -zxvf <filename>


First make sure you have python setup tools installed. To install run:

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools

Then go inside your unpacked previously directory and run:

sudo python install

And that’s it for installing. Now configuring and using:


To configure, run:

s3cmd --configure
  • You will be prompted for Access key and Secret Key. These are crucial and you have to generate some. Go here: to the Access Keys and press the Create New access Key button to create a new one. The copy and paste it in the comand line when you get prompted.
  • Then you will be asked for region, just hit enter.
  • Then Encryption password. Set what ever you want.
  • Path to GPG program, just hit enter.
  • Path to GPG program, just hit enter.
  • Save the changes Press Y and hit enter.

Pushing files to bucket

All you’re left with now is to push files to your bucket. Here’s how you do it:

  1. You go in the directory containing the files you want to push
  2. You type: s3cmd put * s3://bucket-name/path -r --continue-put This checkes each file’s md5 and file size and skips them if they are different.
  • is for everything -r is for recursive –continue-put is only uploading files that don’t exist or have the size or MD5 different on the server

For a faster run do

s3cmd sync ./  s3://bucket-name/path

That’s all, fwew, go have some coffee