Install HuGO

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What’s ironic is that I’m creating this page for Hugo to process and generate later. Here’s how you install (in Ubuntu) Hugo.

Jump to step 3 if you’re doing this from the terminal. 1. Go to :

Click “Install” and after it scrolls down click download. 2. Scroll down and select:


Or whatever version is *_linux_amd64.tar.gz 3. To get this from the terminal: You can either:




This is of course depending on what you have installed/preffer. 4. Unzip:

tar -zxvf hugo_0.14_linux_amd64.tar.gz
  1. Rename cd hugo_0.14_linux_amd64/ mv hugo_0.14_linux_amd64 hugo
  2. Move mv hugo /usr/local/bin/

And there you have it. Now if you write anywhere:

hugo version

You should get a hugo version and see it’s working.