Doxti, github, finally functional

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What did I just do?

I am writing this from doxti, a local dev install, and I am proud to say, it’s publishing on github on it’s own. I’ve been waiting for this moment, where I have such a tool. built by me, for years! Might not be a big thing, but with my full time job + life in the way, I never really got around to building this. I did now.

It’s done?

It’s a little rough around the edges, but I will tweek it and make it as good as I possibly can. I’m talking design wise. Although, I think I will focus on UX functionality for all the publishing part and configuring of the site first.

It’s posting to github and this was the greatest feature I got to very very hard. After reading the documentation multiple times for github’s oAuth Apps integration, token generation and api calls, (basically how everything I needed from github works), and after going back and forward with a github support enginner (at least I think that’s what that person was, I managed to integrate an automated system that does a pull, commit and add, to a github repository of choice, if that user is authorised with the oAuth Doxti App.

Fewww, it was not easy, and I will document the entire process, as a tutorial and as a guide for others to be able to do this in… yes, node and React (well, maybe just the logic made for js, so that one can choose any framework the heart desires.


Yes, it’s finally functional but I want to make sure Doxti offers All the necessary functionality one needs when building and publishing a site. And yes, I am working on it, much faster than before, I fixed 3 bugs as I was writing this post. A Launch is coming soon. Be sure to subscribe to