April Update

*** What ?

I said I would be updating here with progress on things. as You’ve probably seen in later posts, I studied angular, angular 2 and react.I gave feedback on that, but, to recap and sum it up, angular was a in-house library made by google for google. Somebody at one point came with the idea that they should release it to the public and make it open source. All the nerds had an orgasm when that happened, saw it as the greatest thing since sliced bread and adopted it blindly. A different batch of nerds had orgasms when Facebook released their in-house javascript library. But yeah, that happened too. What angular and react are can be defined as in-house libraries, created specifically , originally for their (google and Facebook’s) needs to the future products and services, to make things organized, standardized and simple. For them. That is all, nothing else. Now the IT world is trying to use the libraries for their needs. If the same approach and vision is applied, that will most likely work. If they are doing similar types of projects. Otherwise, it won’t work. Please prove me wrong.

Alright, that was the last rand about angular and react, from me. But this post is not about angular and react, it’s about my progress, so let’s get to that, shall we?

*** Seriously, what?

In short, I’m learning Swift and iOS development. I left all the web stuff behind. No longer want to see WordPress, javascript, php, CSS, LESS, Gulp, HTML, MYSQL. That’s behind me now. It’s like a old girlfriend that I had a long lasting relationship with and now just broke up. It’s Important and healthy to move on as fast as possible. Especially if the relationship was not going that well at the end, and after you broke up with her, you hear she really got on a weird/bad path. The girlfriend in this case is the Web Development. That will make sense in a few years.

*** SWIFT?

Yeah, swift. I understand how I can make useful apps that will actually be capable to solve real life problems if I build them for the iPhone. xCode is awesome, SWIFT is awesome, right now I’m still learning it and basic principles in it,, core data, MVC, about IBOutlets and IBActions, how classes work and are inherited, how everything ties together. The emulator is great, I get to test any app that I make for real on my iPhone SE and I’m going to soon opt in to register a developer account (a paying one) on the app store.

I have an app in mind, that I’m not going to talk about yet, that I want to make, launch, monetize and see how it goes.

*** Challenging myself

I made a self challenge to make at least 20 commits for 1 week on github, on my account (here https://github.com/turcuciprian ) while developing in swift. You can see I have done that and I’m still doing it right now. However. 20 is not enough, I think I’m going to do 100 / day minimum, very soon. The reasoning behind the quantity approach is that I am forced to work a lot, to make that many commits. 20 was doable and not that hard. I think 100 is going to take much more of my time, I will get to work a lot, learn a lot and accomplish a lot. Not sure when I will be starting the 100 / day min. But it will be in the next few days.

Obviously I won’t be a able to keep that up for too much time. But the challenge will be 100 commits / day minimum for 1 week. After I complete that challenge I’ll see what else I can challenge myself with. I’ll try to write about it here, just to keep a log of things. I’m tripling down on focus for the next period, focus and long and hard work. Nothing else, no distractions. So please, for the time being, leave me alone. See you in a while.

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