Paste Project – Angular vs jQuery

Angular 2

I’m new in angular 2. I made a project for about most of last year in Angular 1.5.x and started learning Angular 2 in the past month.
First I did the angular tour of heroes tutorial on the official site. Kind of got stuck on the services part. I wanted to understand everything and things where not making so much sense so I moved on to other prospect tutorials. A very good friend of mine gave me as a birthday present a uDemy course, about angular 2. So I started from the versy first lesson, and I made each step with the IDE open and trying everything in my right. I wanted to remember everything, try out and understand completely. That worked, but, it was slow as hell. In after completing a 10% part of a 35h course I started just listening to the courses for the next 10%. at 20% I only started to look for the parts that where crucial in my head and needed to know about, that I was about to use. What was left in my head was routing, http and dependency injection.

I loved routing, how it was done in Angular 2, just loved it. Everything was so simple, it made sense.HTTP, not so much and dependency injection I did not quite get.


I’ve been working with jQuery for about 10 years. It’s been a love-hate relationship but more love, like 85% love, 15% hate. Hate in the first years when things did not work. It was usually (mostly) my fault when that happened. but in jQuery, like, I think most of everybody else that’s a 10+ year front end (or full stack) developer, I was and am, more in control of, more comfortable with.

The project

The project was simple. A webpage where you get to put something in a textbox on mobile and then have it on any other place (desktop mostly). A web based app that allows any user to share anything at any given time.

It took me 1.5 weeks to fail in doing it with angular 2 and about 3-5 hours to do it from scratch with jQuery, Bootstrap and both a goLang rest server and firebase database.

The result

At you can find the project. The html, css, js are hosted on github pages and the database is firebase. Basically it’s a fully functional web app that’s simple as hell, and that’s also free.

At one point things where too complicated in Angular 2 to make and a CRAZY idea struck my mind. Why not do it in jQuery, you’re much more comfortable with it, and it does not have to be a complex functionality. Well, originally I was looking to learn Angular 2 (that’s why I made it originally in angular), I was looking to learn golang. But in the end, all that I was left with was the realization that angular 2 was not the best choice for this project. And it made me question, what kind of project is angular 2 good for. Still don’t have the answer to that. Same problem in my head with React. At most, if I do have a reason for building something specifically like that, with string interpolation, data binding, directives, models, routes and other angular-like features, I would use vuejs. It seems to have everything, support and covers most of the things one might need. First, there must be a reason for using it.


jQuery is ranking better than angular and react and vuejs combined on google trends. But that’s not the reason.
jQuery is older and more documented online than anguar and react and vuejs combined (I’m talking stack overflow, forums, projects, etc). But that’s not the reason either.
jQuery is the fastest, easiest, most reliable way for me to get to a result in a web app compared to any other alternative, mostly because it was part of my life for the past 10 years of front end development. And that is the reason. I’m more knowledgeable in jQuery, I am more capable of getting the job done. Period.

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