September 2, 2015

Configuring and using aws-cli

Configuring Run aws configure This will ask you for the following keys: AWS Access Key ID [None]: AWS Secret Access Key [None]: Default region name [None]: Default output format [None]: Create a new Access key and Secret Access key by going here and selecting Access Keys, create new access key and use those credentials. You have these regions and points: US East (N. Virginia) - us-east-1 US West (Oregon) - us-west-2 EU (Ireland) eu-west-1 More you can find here: http://docs. Read more

August 28, 2015

Installing and using s3cmd

Download Go to , select the latest version folder and download the tar.gz file. Unzip it with tar -zxvf <filename> Install First make sure you have python setup tools installed. To install run: sudo apt-get install python-setuptools Then go inside your unpacked previously directory and run: sudo python install And that’s it for installing. Now configuring and using: Configuring To configure, run: s3cmd --configure You will be prompted for Access key and Secret Key. Read more

August 27, 2015

Useful Git commands

Initialize git in a working directory So you have a directory where you want to set up git in. You cd into that directory and you do git init That’s all it takes to have git initialized in that directory. Connect to a remote repository Now what you want is to connect that git instance to a remote branch. To do this run: git remote add origin <URL> Now you’re connected to a remote repo. Read more

August 27, 2015

Using huGO

###Creating a site All you need to create a site is to go in the folder you want to create your site and write: hugo new site site-name instead of “site-name” you can use “/path/to/site”. The site name is going to be a directory. When ever you want to run HuGO commands for that site you need to be in the site root folder. ###Configuring a bit Once you ran the above command, all the site files will be generated. Read more

August 26, 2015

Install HuGO

What’s ironic is that I’m creating this page for Hugo to process and generate later. Here’s how you install (in Ubuntu) Hugo. Jump to step 3 if you’re doing this from the terminal. 1. Go to : Click “Install” and after it scrolls down click download. 2. Scroll down and select: hugo_0.14_linux_amd64.tar.gz Or whatever version is *_linux_amd64.tar.gz 3. To get this from the terminal: You can either: Read more

August 26, 2015

Installing go (golang) on Ubuntu

Installing go can be done multiple ways. After installing it via apt-get and trying to install the binary from github, I gave up, downloaded the source and did a much faster and easier install.After a long trial and error and trying to understand why everything I do works and doesn’t, I got to a place where I Do these steps exactly and you should be fine. Here’s how I did it: I went to: Read more

August 26, 2015

about me

I’m a 28 year old web developer from Romania, Cluj Napoca. My current job is a WordPress Developer @Fortech Cluj. I have experience in javascript, php, mysql, linux (ubuntu and CentOS), jQuery, WordPress, CSS, LESS, SASS, WP-CLI. I’m currently studying GoLang Development in my free time. I like riding my bike, singing on the guitar and having interesting (what I find to be) conversations with interesting(that I find to be) people. Read more

August 26, 2015

Install Amazon S3 AWS-cli

What is AWS-cli? AWS-CLI is a comand line tool that helps you manage your bucket from a command line. That’s right! once configured you can push and delete your files from your S# bucket via command line. How do I install it? Since this is built in python,weel, first you have to have python installed. To check that and see it’s version python --version Then Download the installer: Read more

August 25, 2015

Hello dog!

What? Hello Dog is the new Hello World. This is my blog and this is obviously the first post. I am GOing to try and document some stuff here, mostly technical, about my findings, things that I try not to forget. Ever. Hi there! Welcome to my blog. This is a totally new direction that I am trying to GO in with my website and I’m trying out something new. Read more